Equity is central to our value system. We are a group of entrepreneurs born in LATAM, one of the most diverse regions in the world. We want to contribute to making our planet a little cleaner, products more affordable, and life more equitable for people around the world.

Sampling has always been labor intensive, making it expensive and Covid unsafe.

Traditional sampling methods usually do not collect and analyze customer preferences and reactions. We help our partners gain actionable insights from real time consumer analytics to understand and serve them better.

Our impact begins with the consumer experience and extends throughout the ecosystem. Using our digital interactive devices, brands and retailers delight consumers and lift in store sales. As we help brands engage consumers on the go and drive trials of new products to increase sales and market share by delivering the right messages at the right time, in the right place, and to the right audiences.

We know that plastic packaging pollution is a big challenge for our planet and eventually our lives. 300kg of PLASTIC waste ends up in our oceans every second! A simple bottle can take up to 400 years to break down while smothering a host of marine animals. As it decomposes, sunlight causes the release of powerful GHG like methane and ethylene.

Plastic packaging is not cost efficient, contributing up to 40% of product cost.

Our novel refilling device enables retailers and brands to deliver products to consumers more conveniently and affordably with zero waste.

We also allow customers to buy the amount of product they can afford without paying more for buying small quantities.

This is a key question for us. Every 1.000 refills with one of our new refilling devices we are saving:

13.000 liters of water.

100.000 grams of plastic.

300.000 grams of CO2.

When plastic packaging decomposes in our environment it releases methane, a GHG which is 21 times more potent than CO2.

We're always looking for great partners. If you would like to power the future of retail with us send an email to partners@boxesdevices.com and we'll reach out.